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Sheila Yarbrough, PhD

My fascination for words, the sound, the rhythm, the power of words started early.  The fascination grew as my ability to communicate through the written and spoken word advanced.  I went from making up my own bedtime stories in my head to writing poems and stories to capture experiences and to make sense of my world.  Later, through formal education, as a teen and adult, I learned how words can be used to inform, to persuade, and to entertain.  My consideration of words leads me to explore more of how we can use the power of words to support, to inspire, to connect, and to develop the best that is in each of us.  Consider Words was created as a platform to share what I have

learned and what I continue to learn about the power of words.  I am especially interested in inspiring sparks of creativity and in coaching others to find ways to use their words to heal rather than to hurt.


Image by Raphael Schaller

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